Check In : Am I Doing Enough?

This is a question that floats through my head far too often. I’m usually torn between the idea that I’m exhausted from doing too much and then there’s this feeling of inadequacy as if I’m not doing enough in life.

We are all constantly working twice as hard because we have this dream that we are trying to achieve- this dream of becoming a Physician. We are also working to fill in the gap of disparities in Health Care. So this dream…. this dream that to us seems so obtainable, so very realistic, so US…. until we begin to compare our journey to that of someone else’s. We get on social media, we speak with someone who is already 50% of their medical journey and then things begin to become more and more difficult for us. Let me tell you something friend, this is a big NO NO ! Isn’t it so crazy how we can magnify the journey of others and then we begin to belittle our own.

“Everything that glitters isn’t gold”

Ok, others are getting better grades that you, their GPAs are skyrocketing, that’s great! But this does not make them a better candidate than you. Your friend scored well into the 500s on his MCAT, that’s awesome ! But what does that have to do with you? We have to master the art of minding the business that pays us. Your lab partner is working on a ground breaking research opportunity? Use it as motivation, how about you support her instead of beating yourself down because you aren’t in her place. We are where we are in this journey for a reason. Embrace it ! We see it all, and we see it daily, all of this progress that others are making and you barely have time to do volunteer work.

When we compare our lives to those of others it’s so easy to down size your own personal accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back for becoming the president of your school’s pre- med association ! You were awarded that role for a reason, embrace it, celebrate yourself.

At times, I sit and reflect on just how far I’ve come in my journey. You know, all the obstacles that I’ve overcame and where I am currently in my journey…..

” Just keep swimming”

Three degrees and nearly one post-bacc later, I have accomplished more than I could have imagined and I am so very thankful, grateful, and blessed. I am beyond proud of myself and I truly hope that you all are just as proud of yourselves.

This journey is tough. I question myself very often wondering if I made the right decision to pursue medicine on such a high level, if I’m “Smart” enough to obtain a degree as prestigious as a Doctorate…. and so many other questions that can and will mentally drain you and break you if you allow it to. I’ve decided to switch off that pessimistic switch and tap into optimism. We need positive energy flowing through and around us to keep us elevated and motivated throughout this journey to destination MD, DVM, DO, DPT, DNP, NMD, DPM, DDS, and any other doctoral journey you may be pursuing.

Moving forward, let’s try a different approach to self sabotaging. Next time you find yourself overwhelmed, or feeling “less than”, channel that anxiety into a push for yourself.

  1. Get some work done,
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Listen to a bomb podcast
  4. Try out a new recipe from Pinterest
  5. Go and buy yourself a fly bouquet of flowers or a nice houseplant even.

Remember, we are all on this journey together. We will fall, we will fail, we will cry, but we will also succeed so let’s not give up on ourselves. This is the purpose of me documenting this journey. We are a community of individuals with one goal in common, therefore we are never ALONE. When we begin to feel feel undeserving of those 2 powerful initials behind our name , we have each other to turn to for reassurance and an extra boost of confidence. I’ll take a Venti of pick me up please!

Let’s show the others to come behind us how it truly takes a village…..

Show up, show out, and kill sh*t !

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