Bag Talk: Clinical Job Options for Pre-med Majors

If you are a pre-med student like myself, chances are you are either in school full or part time, you are in the process of or have already taken tons of difficult science courses and with all of this going on you are still catching yourself looking for ways to enhance your medical school application stand out.

As a student in general, it can be pretty tough finding a job that will work with your busy school schedule, and if you do find one that does finding balance between school and work seems impossible. I’m here to deliver some good news ! There are tons of jobs available that will allow us pre-meds to find balance between making money and increasing our chances of standing out o our medical school applications. Uh- oh ! More good news….. These positions do not require extensive or unrealistic qualifications.

I am so excited to share this list with you all and I am hoping that this post will bring some joy and motivation into the life of anyone who may have began to feel the slight bit of defeat.

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a title- protected licensed healthcare professional who works alongside a licensed Pharmacist. With just a short certification program, you can begin working in a pharmacy setting and gain the greater knowledge about medications. Pharmacy technicians help dispense medication to customers and other healthcare professionals as well as confirm the accuracy of prescriptions, measure and package medications as well as label prescription bottles.

Medical Scribe

A medical scribe is a physician collaborator who fulfills the primary secretarial and non-clinical functions of the bust physician or mid-level provider. Scribes specialize in medical data entry into a paper or electronic medical record system and in instituting efficient workflow process, thus increasing the medical provider’s capacity to provide direct patient care like seeing the next waiting patient, performing medical procedures and communicating with nursing staff. The scribe actively monitors the duration of medical testing results such as blood and urine tests, x-ray, and CT reports in order to prevent unnecessary delays and expedite patient dispositioning.

Certified Nursing Assistant

I know, I know ! You may be thinking :

“Why would I do this if I’m not interested in becoming a Nurse?”

Two words : Patient interaction. CNAs are healthcare professionals who provide intimate, hands-on healthcare to patients in medical settings under the supervision of a Registered nurse or a Licensed practical nurse. Some duties include bathing, serving meals, assisting with trips to the restroom etc. The job itself is not glamorous but then again, that isn’t what the medical field is about.

Emergency Medical Technician

Now, if you are looking for a fast paced, adrenaline rushing, high- energy position with direct patient contact, this role may be just for you. EMTs are health care professionals that are trained to provide basic emergency medical care and respond quickly to emergency situations, traumatic injuries and accident scenes. For a role such as this one, EMTs must complete 120 to 150 hours of training to obtain their certification and then take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are specially trained health care professionals who work closely with patients, nurses, and physicians. These professionals perform a variety of both clinical and administrative tasks associated with running a medical office or clinic. Working in this role can be both physically and emotionally challenging but it can also be very rewarding.

No matter what position you find your way into, be eager and willing to learn, to advance, to progress, to be of help and support to those in need. We are the faces of healthcare and it is our job to deliver. Let’s show up, show out and stand out ! We will become physicians in this decade…. Let’s claim it !

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