Class is in session…

There’s this love/hate relationship between myself and school. When class is in session you can catch me excited and motivated weeks before while I’m shopping for all new pretty notebooks and folders. I even get super excited reading the course syllabus. Four days into the semester and if ” I hate it here” was a person….

Whenever I take a hiatus from school, I tend to get bored pretty quickly. I begin to feel as if I’m not doing enough with myself because I am so used to working full time and also being a student full time. I have come to the realization that in life there really is no such thing as satisfaction. We as humans will always want or need more, no matter what it is.

If you’ve read my previous blog post then you know that I am currently in my first year of Grad School. This will also be my first term back after a 3 term hiatus. I’m still not ready to speak on exactly why I stepped away for so long but maybe one day I will be.

 Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

As a part of my decision to register for the upcoming term, I have decided to take on only 6 credit hours. This decision will be beneficial to me because it will prevent me from overwhelming myself as I transition back into student mode.

My classes have already been chosen and ya girl is officially registered. I have decided to take :

  1. HS3310– Human Behavior in the Social Environment 1
  2. PH7010– Foundations of Public Health

Human Behavior in the Social Environment is designed to help you chart a knowledgeable course through the complexity of human experience. During this course, we will explore a select set of theories that help us understand how individuals ans communities develop and interact.

Foundations of Public Health is designed to provide an opportunity for us students to investigate the fundamental determinants and the complex set of intermediate factors that underpin health and disease status in different populations at various scales of analysis.

I am super excited about getting back to basics as far as education goes. I’m also excited to purchase all of my new stationary, to look over the course syllabus, and to find new study spots around my city. I love scoping out low-key study spots outside of my usual places like my home, my local library or my nearest Starbucks. Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with studying at any of these places, but sometimes a switch up is needed. At least for me it is.

I cannot wait to give you all an update on my likes and dislikes this term, coursework and even my complaints (lol). I can see me coming to you all with my typical rant about me wishing to hurry up and graduate and be done with all of this. Lol, whewww how naive of me. One day I’ll truly realize that I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me and this here is only the beginning.

I am so grateful to have you all along on this journey with me. I truly appreciate all of you and all of the well wishes and encouraging words you shower me with regularly. This isn’t only for me, this is for US.

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