Girl, who are you ?

Hey guys !

Welcome to EllexCeeology ! My purpose for creating this blog was to allow you all to get a glance into my world. For starters, let’s talk about the name “EllexCeeology” For my readers who are not in the Healthcare industry, this bit of medical terminology may seem a little foreign to you, but here we go:


“The suffix -Ology is commonly used to denote a field of study.


  1. Anthropology – The study of Humans
  2. Biology- The study of Life and living organisms
  3. Cardiology- The study of the Heart

Now that we have that out of the way, the term EllexCeeology signifies “The study of me” (L.C. or Elle Cee). That’s right, my nickname has a nickname (Lol). This definitely shows how extra and over the top I really am.

Here are some other fun facts about me that will certainly give you a better understanding on just the type of person that I am. Hope you enjoy !

As outgoing as I am, ya girl is introverted AF ! This is so weird to me because I love having fun and being the life of the party but I’m also pretty shy and chill. I’m a people’s person but then I’m also not at the same time. Mad weird, but those of you who can relate know exactly what I’m talking about.

August Leo : because July Leo’s just don’t give the Leo Zodiac life like we do, Period !

I was born and raised in NYC ! Hello Brooklyn !! Need I say more?

I am a huge Pizza lover. I must add, Felini’s pizza here in Atlanta is the closest pizza that I’ve found to NYC’s pizzerias. For this, I am grateful.

I have a 10 year old Shih- Tzu that I have conversations with daily as if he can talk back. If you’re a dog mom, you know….. they do talk back and they do understand us. (Not up for debate)

Obsessed with all things Pink and Green.

Wine Connoisseur ( but don’t get it twisted, Margarita me please and thanks at any given time)

I am an overachiever. I get very overwhelmed when I’m doing a lot at once but then I’m just as frustrated when I’m not doing enough to keep me busy. ( I know, mad weird)

Obsessed with flowers and plants. I have big dreams of one day owning my very own floral boutique.

Jesus Lover ! God first and everything else follows after him.

I love all things home decor related. Interior design tugs at both my heart and my wallet.

I dislike math (rolls eyes)

My Mental health therapist SAVED MY LIFE !

“Wipe me down” is literally my favorite song and I’m sure it’ll be the first song on my wedding playlist.

My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas. This is one tradition that I’ve adopted from my family back home.

Pinterest plays a huge part in my daily life.

I have over 10 tattoos.

I am the biggest motivator to those around me but I am my biggest downfall when it comes to rooting for myself. I try to live a life based on optimism but I can be super pessimistic at times. I’ll somehow convince myself that my goals are too big to be fulfilled or I’ll catch myself comparing my journey to someone else’s ( Yea, lets not do this Ok?!) It’s so easy to let anxiety, worry, or fear distract you from your big picture or end goal. This is something I work on daily because this is no way for anyone to think. We are on here on earth for a purpose and I refuse to allow myself to miss out on my blessing because I was too afraid to take a chance.

My family and friends mean the world to me. This journey that I’ have embarked on isn’t only for me, this is for them too !

Drop a comment below if you find some similarities between us or if you feel what I’m saying sis !

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